Checklists for Process Control

OnBase Checklists for Process Control allows organizations to meet quality control objectives while ensuring that processes are completed consistently and on time. Using an intuitive interface, organizations input their policy and procedure information into an easily accessible checklist format.

From here, users can view a policy’s purpose and the steps required to fulfill it. By automatically generating electronic checklists and assigning tasks to specific individuals, OnBase becomes an official record of work. The solution also facilitates continuous process improvement, allowing users to share feedback and flag checklists for review while providing key stakeholders insight into checklist status, relevant issues and areas of opportunity.

  • Increases visibility into process performance, providing stakeholders real-time insight into checklist status, issues and areas for improvement
  • Ensures that steps defined in policies are followed consistently, enabling work to be completed on time while meeting an expected standard of quality
  • Enforces employee accountability by automating the assignment of tasks and tracking task completion
  • Facilities continuous process improvement, allowing users to flag checklists for review and share feedback with management
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