InQ has worked with many customers on their conversion and consolidation goals for ECM technology. With a long history of conversions primarily to OnBase, InQ has developed standard methods and tools to ensure everything runs smooth and is tracked appropriately.

Conversion Process

  • Assess what needs to be done and identify any potential issues
  • Plan on the right tools, hardware and staff to run the conversion
  • Configure the conversion utility and test
  • Verify that all of the information is coming across accurately
  • Run the conversion and use the InQ monitoring tools to ensure a smooth process
  • Train the users on the new system
  • Run the last delta conversion just before cut over
  • Confirm that everything is operational


InQ Conversion Monitoring Tool

InQ has created tools to monitor the conversion process near real-time. This application will monitor the health of the conversion and provide updates and notifications right to your mobile device. After conversion, it can be used to monitor normal day forward import processes.

Mobile Migration Monitor

Transition Migration Reporting

Output Manager

conversion1 conversions2 conversions3

InQ will also:

    • Setup ongoing imaging processes and infrastructure
    • Work with business units to translate and/or refine their existing business processes into the new system
    • Document by document, or page by page, validation of the Migration
    • Complete audit workflow that allows business units to validate that their documents have been migrated correctly, by comparing the same documents in both systems

The Mobile is one of the first mobile ECM conversion monitoring tools on the market.

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