InQ is setup to handle the requirements from start to finish. We follow four core project concepts to work with your specific project methodology:

Stage 1: Identify and Assess

Identify the problem and assess what needs to be done and how the technology can address the needs. This step in the process will produce a Scope of Work (SOW) which identifies the high level scope of the work that needs to be done so a proper estimate can be given.

Stage 2: Design

The vision of what can be done now gets put on paper. This design step provides the layout for building a solution to the problem. This step will refine the scope of work giving the project more detailed guidelines. InQ builds a scope that allows for flexibility to adjust as the project begins accommodating unknown requirements that are discovered during testing. This step will produce a Functional Specification document outlining more details of how the solution will work along with pertinent configuration information. During this phase, preliminary components may be configured providing a visual of what the solution will look like so everyone is unified in understanding.

Stage 3: Implement

Once the design team has laid out the blueprint of the solution, our project team then kicks in to assign the work breakdown. The InQ team will work together with the customer’s project team to meet the goals and objectives of the project. InQ believes effective communication is the key to any successful project. This enables quick adjustments as the details of the project evolve and will lead to a successful project with happy end users increasing productivity.

InQ’s communication also helps in managing change by providing more effective training methods. Especially with new workflows, change management is essential to help maintain employee productivity.

Stage 4: Take Flight

The vision is now reality, everyone is on board and it is time to fly!

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