Human Resources

InQ’s Human Resources solutions equip organizations to effectively manage the entire employee lifecycle – streamlining HR processes, improving compliance and providing better employee service. By capturing all documents electronically, HR departments reduce time spent on manual, paper-based tasks. Personnel access key documents and information directly from their familiar business application or device, enabling them to drive processes forward. With digital storage and granular access controls, OnBase ensures that confidential employee information is secure.

InQ provides solutions across several HR processes, including employee file management; policies and procedures; onboarding and offboarding; employee case and issue management; and recruiting and selection.

  • Increases efficiency and reduces time spent on manual tasks by streamlining key HR processes
  • Improves level of service throughout employee lifecycle, increasing satisfaction and ultimately driving retention
  • Supports compliance initiatives by improving employee file management, simplifying policy administration and automating document retention
  • Offers instant access to employee documents directly from users’ familiar human resources information system (HRIS), email application or mobile device
  • Electronically captures all employee documents regardless of how they’re received, storing them in a central, secure location
  • Includes granular security options to control who has access to the HR system and exactly what they can do
  • Provides single interface to track and review all employee documents, requests and interactions, offering a comprehensive view of employees
  • Offers flexible deployment options—cloud-based or premise-based solutions—meet a variety of business needs
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