How Does Your
A/P Process Compare?

Logo V3 175x264When looking at a workflow process, following best practices is not always easy in a changing environment. Core processes may remain the same, but people and technology are always changing. Learn more about agile workflow processes and how to achieve your efficient End to End A/P Process. Join our webinar to learn and see the possibilities!


Ian Wayton – A/P Consultant at Hyland Software

Brian Schlegel – Accounting Workflow Consultant for InQ

InQ has specific experience in streamlining workflow processes and will share our vision in achieving a true end to end A/P workflow. Attending will qualify your company for a no cost assessment of your A/P process. Join the seminar hosted by InQ Solutions and Hyland Software (Developers of OnBase) or have someone you know join as we dig deeper into the key considerations for evaluating and developing your end to end A/P workflow process along with a demonstration of how to make it happen.

What will be covered?

Top 7 Signs of A/P Workflow Trouble

Costs Associated with an Inefficient A/P Workflow

Qualities of a Good Agile A/P Process

Demonstration of an ideal A/P Workflow

Join us on September 11, 2014 at 11 a.m. ET

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To receive a free assessment or a live demonstration please contact InQ at 866-676-4301 and ask for an A/P InQ Consultant.

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